Raees Full Movie (2017) Free Download Watch Online HD!

Raees Full Movie (2017) Free Download Watch Online HD!

Raees 2017 (English: Yalthi) is a Hollywood action crime in 2017 directed by Rahul Dulakia and produced by Ritish Sidwani, Ghuri Khan and Farhan Akhtar under Red Chillis Entertainment and Axel Entertainment. He is the star of Maher Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film was critical and commercially successful. So Raees Full Movie Free Download and Watch Raees Full Movie HD Online from Tube0. we also sponsor 123movies.

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It was said that the sponsor was based on the life of Abdel-Latif criminal, but the directors denied that, saying: “The story of the film is a work of pure imagination, not based on anyone, living or dead.” The film was released on 25 January 2017.

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Raees, from Fathebor, Gujarat is involved in illicit liquor trade at a very young age. Along with Sadeq, Rayes works for the notorious gang gangs, illegally smuggling alcohol by bribing the police. Although he is a getaway, he lives through philosophy, as taught by his mother that every occupation is good, not religion greater than any occupation so as not to cause harm to anyone. He decided to cut roads with garage and start working alone. Meets Musabhi and deputies in Mumbai, and with their help he begins his skating. Meanwhile, an honest offer from the police officer of IPS, J.A.Mmmudar, wants to end this illegal liquor trade.

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Raees is already in love with Agia, and she accepts the proposal to marry him and two soon to marry. Mahmud is transferred to Fathebour and starts a big campaign on alcohol dealers. All dealers decide to cooperate except the sponsor. Mahmoud continues to collect intelligence about the shepherd, and the sponsor constantly finds ways to avoid it and continue his business. Because of his differences with the shepherd, Giraj tries to kill Raees. Moses informs Rice about Giraj and Rice’s attempt to survive by killing Giraj and his colleagues at the bar. The film was released on 25 January 2017


 Pics    Real Name:                           Role Name:
Raj Arjun Raj Arjun
Shubham Chintamani Shubham Chintamani
Young Raees
Shubham Tukaram Shubham Tukaram
Young Sadiq
Dhanveer Dhanveer
Young Rasul (as Dhanveer – Dhai Akshar NGO)
Yug Yug
Young Taufiq (as Yug – Dhai Akshar NGO)
Sagar Sagar
Young Kalupor (as Sagar – Dhai Akshar NGO)
Sheeba Chaddha Sheeba Chaddha
Raees’s Mother
Loveleen Mishra Loveleen Mishra
Ratna Madam
Utkarsh Mazumdar Utkarsh Mazumdar
Dr. Sajanwala
Prasoon Narayan Prasoon Narayan
Constable (Gandhi Ashram)
Avinash Razdan Avinash Razdan
King George (Compounder)


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